Tumbled Stone Collection -Chakra

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A hand-picked assortment of colored tumbled stones. The color selection represents each chakra. Packed in a black velvet bag.

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The Chakras are energy centers from which energy flows throughout the body. Each point of energy governs different aspects of our beings and ways of experiencing the world we live in.

  • First Chakra: Red. Located at the base of your spine. Keywords: vitality, survival, passion.
  • Second Chakra: Orange. Located at the pelvic bone. Keywords: sexuality, creativity, compassion.
  • Third Chakra: Yellow. Located at the solar plexus. Keywords: personal power, joy, energetic.
  • Fourth Chakra: Green. Located at the heart. Keywords: relationships, love, nature.
  • Fifth Chakra: Blue. Located at the throat. Keywords: self-expression, communication.
  • Sixth Chakra: Indigo. Located at the third eye. Keywords: intuition, perception, inner wisdom.
  • Seventh Chakra: Violet. Located at the crown of the head. Keywords: spirituality, consciousness, enlightenment.


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