Our CBD Soft gels are an easy and convenient delivery method. Great for travel or adding to your existing vitamin and supplement routine.

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD interacts with receptors throughout the body to offer wellness. Sacred Wellness is an award-winning artisan-crafted CBD brand.

Water-soluble CBD Softgels

Water-soluble CBD softgels provide a fast effect and higher absorption rate when compared to other forms of CBD. The CBD is broken down into smaller particles that can be more readily absorbed by the body, often taking only twenty minutes to become activated. Softgels are gaining popularity for convenience and discretion.

Get your water-soluble CBD softgels from Sacred Wellness!

Sacred Wellness creates our softgels with broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD nano-particles. Transforming active cannabinoids into nano-sized droplets, our nano-emulsion technology optimizes the bioavailability to maximize absorption. The absorption rate of water-soluble soft gels is 3 to 5 times higher than CBD in oil form. Well-known for quality, care, and integrity of products, Sacred Wellness caters to natural wellness opportunities to best meet the needs of our valued customers across Santa Fe, Espanola, Eldorado, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Pecos, Tesuque, Pena Blanca and Cochiti Pueblo, NM.


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