Our Salves are handmade in small batches using Full Spectrum CBD extract. We use time-honored traditional methods to infuse organic, cold-pressed oils with a variety of medicinal plants.

Our lotions and creams are made with organic and Ecocert ingredients. Botanical hydrosols and powerful plant butters bring you a rich and luscious products that nourish your skin.

Bath, Beauty & Body CBD Topicals

The skin is our largest organ, containing the highest concentration of CB2 receptors. Taking especially good care of the skin not only elevates wellness but encourages a superior everyday experience of life. Formulas created by Sacred Wellness are considerate of our environment, with all ingredients meticulously researched and tested for purity and sustainability. We don’t offer “big box” CBD products like all the rest. Instead, we utilize many of nature’s gifts and incorporate a variety of organic medicinal herbs into our formulas. This creates a dynamic and effective CBD experience that defines our signature boutique style.

CBD Topicals for Bath, Beauty & Body

While there’s no danger of getting “high,” our topicals are produced from full spectrum plant extract for a synergistic effect. The CBD and other minor cannabinoids work in combination with trace amounts of THC for greater benefit and stronger results. Working on a local level and interacting with the peripheral nervous system, topicals allow targeting of specific areas.

Cannabinoids cannot be absorbed into the blood via the skin without a chemical agent to help it break through the barriers. Topically, CBD works on a local level, interacting with the peripheral nervous system. Studies have shown that CBD can balance cytokines, which trigger the body’s inflammatory reaction. Sacred Wellness topicals are an ideal addition to your daily skincare regimen. Our lotions, salves, face creams, lip balms, relief sticks, bath bombs, massage oils, and refreshing room spray offer much more than a unique and pleasing scent. For bath, beauty, and body topicals, Sacred Wellness is an easy drive from anywhere across Santa Fe, Espanola, Eldorado, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Pecos, Tesuque, Pena Blanca and Cochiti Pueblo, NM.


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