Natural Selenite Wand


A natural wand is a raw piece of selenite that has not been polished or manipulated. The long flat shape is perfect for windowsills or mantels. Will help to protect any space from negative energy. When put in the four corners of a single room or the entire house, it will create a barrier of protection. 

Selenite is used for cleansing and purifying your space as well as other stones. It’s calming nature aides in meditation and spiritual work.

Wands vary in length form 11″ to 13″. Choose your selection based on weight.


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Working with gems and minerals can have subtle yet profound effects on your emotional and spiritual bodies. Each has a unique property that can shift your own energy and aid in personal growth and healing. They are a tool to help you explore the many layers of yourself and the universe. 

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Selenite Wand Natural

10oz- Natural Wand, 10oz-15oz Natural Wand, 15oz-20oz- Natural Wand, 20oz-25oz-Natural Wand, 25oz + Natural Wand


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