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At Sacred Wellness we believe less is more, our products contain only the highest quality ingredients and often utilize natural botanicals to achieve a synergistic effect not found anywhere else.

New Low Prices on Topicals

All of our Salve, Oils and Lotion Prices have PERMANENTLY dropped. Handmade in small batches with a variety of medicinal plants and Premium Full Spectrum CBD extract. Our topicals have a synergistic effect where CBD and other minor cannabinoids work in tandem with trace amounts of THC, maximizing the effects of the CBD. Remember, cannabinoids can not enter the bloodstream through the skin, instead they work with the peripheral nervous system to bring relief locally.

Herbal Tinctures

$15 Per Select Herbal Tinctures

As a continuing commitment to the health of our community during the pandemic, we are offering our Elderberry Echinacea, Resilience, Cherry Bark Osha and our Adapt and Adjust Herbal Blends at a lower price.

New Lower Priced Oil Tinctures

All of our Broad AND Full Spectrum Tinctures prices have been PERMANENTLY dropped. Tinctures are an easy way to control your dose of CBD.

Coco Lime Lotion

500mg CBD/ 2oz

New Full Spectrum Formula with added Herbal Extracts!

Easily absorbed and deeply moisturizing. With rich coco butter and organic herbal extracts, this lotion will rejuvenate and feed your skin. Designed to sooth itchy and irritating skin conditions. Plus, the cooling action of Coconut and Lime make this lotion a soothing choice for After Sun Skin Care. 

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Featured Products

15% OFF!

Re-Leaf Cream

1000mg CBD – 2oz

This Extra Strength cream is perfect for those looking for a water-based topical. Full Spectrum CBD, Arnica, Wintergreen and Menthol have come together to create a therapeutic cream that has the nostalgic smell of sports creams without all the harmful chemicals. Bursting with Shea Butter our Re-Leaf Cream will facilitate and encourage a gentle massage of the targeted area.











Sacred Products

Lab tested, Time tested, Taste tested.


We offer three different tincture lines to help suit your needs – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Sacred Botanicals.


Our skin protects our body from the outside world and needs to be cared for and nourished just like the rest of our body.


Our CBD Softgels are made with a watersoluble formula composed of Broad Spectrum CBD nanoparticles.

Animals & Pets

Sacred Wellness offers Simple and Pure products for pets and animals. Only the best for our best friends.

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