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Our new Re-leaf Cream won Best CBD Product in the 2021 Essie Awards.

Try our award winning Re-Leaf Cream today!

15% off All CBD Chocolate

Chocolate and CBD are a match made in heaven!

Amazingly similar to hemp, chocolate contains phytocannabinoids that bind with the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. It is widely believed that chocolate can enhance the effects of CBD.

We use only the best high quality, fair trade, ethically sourced chocolate in the business when crafting our Sacred Chocolate Bars. 

Sacred Lifestyle

25% off All Month!

Our Sacred Lifestyle products help you beautify your space and connect with your best self.

Save 25% on all Stones, Jewelry, Candle holders, Smudge sticks and much more!

Sacred Wellness

The CBD Apothecary 

We are dedicated to not only creating the best CBD products on the market, but also dedicated to doing so with integrity. 

Our process is scrupulous. From choosing organic and sustainable ethically traded ingredients to hand making small batches of products, we never compromise our high standards when crafting the quality products which our customers have come to expect.

Why Sacred Wellness ?

Lab Tested

Sustainable & Organic

100% Grown in the USA

GMP Certified


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Sacred Process. Sacred Products. Sacred Wellness.

Featured Products

25% Off

Agates on a Black Metal Stand

Natural polished Agate specimen on a black metal stand. Each one is uniquely different. Display these beautiful stones sleekly and easily.

Agate enhances mental function, improves concentration, enhances perception and analytical abilities. It is a soothing and calming gemstone that heals inner anger, anxiety and helps in the strengthening of relationships. Agate instills security and safety. Excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing our body, mind and spirit.

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Sacred Products

Lab tested, Time tested, Taste tested.


We offer three different tincture lines to help suit your needs – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Sacred Botanicals.

Edibles & Beverages

Our tasty treats are a delicious way to get your CBD throughout the day .


Our skin protects our body from the outside world and needs to be cared for and nourished just like the rest of our body.


Our CBD Softgels are made with a watersoluble formula composed of Broad Spectrum CBD nanoparticles.

Animals & Pets

Sacred Wellness offers Simple and Pure products for pets and animals. Only the best for our best friends.

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