Selenite Pyramid

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These pyramids pack some intense energy. They are extraordinary. By simply being in their presence you can feel their high frequency power radiating out.

Selenite is known as the happiness stone, and this shape is a particularly powerful presence to raise the vibration of your sacred spaces. 

Low frequencies naturally rise in the presence of mighty selenite. As it purifies the energy in a space and attunes you to all beings, it also connects you to the consciousness of your higher self.

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Will bring a Feng shui balance. The selenite orgone Pyramid channels the energy to bring healing energy. This will create a peaceful environment.

Selenite is a stone that embodies a high vibration tone. It helps to clear energy fields, your environment, and other crystals. You can use selenite to charge other crystals whose energy has been depleted. Will also help pull negative energy from your body.

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