Bath and Beauty Topicals

Our skin protects our body from the outside world and needs to be cared for and nourished just like the rest of our body. CBD is not just for internal use. The skin is our largest organ and contains the highest concentration of CB2 receptors in the body, making it especially receptive to CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD has become popular in cosmetics and skin care, showing great promise addressing certain skin conditions. Our Bath and Beauty products are meticulously created with self-care in mind and will enhance your daily skin care routine.

It is our mission to be conscious consumers and to reduce our negative impact on this earth and humanity. All of our ingredients have been thoroughly researched for sustainability, purity, and Fair Trade origins.

Our Bath and Beauty products are made with the premium Full Spectrum CBD extract. This whole-plant extract creates a synergistic effect where the CBD and other minor cannabinoids work in tandem with trace amounts of THC. These components work together for a stronger result maximizing the effects of CBD.

Cannabinoids cannot be absorbed into the blood via the skin without a chemical agent to help it break through the barriers. There is no danger of “getting high” from the trace amounts of THC in this full spectrum CBD product.

CBD topicals work on a local level, interacting with the peripheral nervous system.

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