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Glorieta’s Home For High Quality CBD Products

Sacred Wellness is more than a CBD store. Our Santa Fe shop is designed to be an inviting and comforting environment where you can get away, take a breath and focus on health, wellness and balance of mind and body. Staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable team, we support the integrity of our products with caring, compassionate service. We welcome our friends and neighbors from Glorieta. A quick 25-minute drive will deliver you to our door.

Your Local CBD Store

Sacred Wellness is an independent CBD manufacturer. We keep things on a smaller scale to allow for hands-on control. We continue a meticulous process and mission to create unmatched quality of products. Starting with careful selection of organic and sustainable, ethically traded ingredients and limiting ourselves to modest batches, we ensure no compromise of standards. Our customers have high expectations, and we never disappoint.

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Our line of cannabinoid wellness options fulfills a broad array of needs and preferences. Chocolate buds and bars, citrus candy gems, broad-spectrum CBD gumdrops and honey are just a taste of our menu of edibles. An array of unique CBD topicals are the result of traditional methods of infusing organic and cold-pressed oils with an assortment of medicinal plants. Tinctures, concentrates, bath bombs, soft gels, suppositories and pet-specialized products are all readily available on our shelves.


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