Agate Pendant Necklace


A beautiful polished agate wrapped in wire with many color varieties. Excellent stone for rebalancing, harmonizing our body, mind and spirit.

Agate stone, hand wire wrapped, on a velvet or leather cord with clasp.


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Working with gems and minerals can have subtle yet profound effects on your emotional and spiritual bodies. Each has a unique property that can shift your own energy and aid in personal growth and healing. They are a tool to help you explore the many layers of yourself and the universe. 

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in
Agate Pendant Neckalce

Agate Pendant #1 White, Purple,Pink, Agate Pendant #10 Triangle Spiral, Agate Pendant #11 spiral frame, Agate Pendant #2 Red, Agate Pendant #3 Turquoise, Agate Pendant #4 Dark Blue, Agate Pendant #5 White and Orange, Agate Pendant #6 Neon Pink, Agate Pendant #7 Brown, Orange and Yellow, Agate Pendant #8 Dark Brown, Dark Orange and Tan, Agate Pendant #9 Tan and Milky Blue