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Pecos’s Home For CBD

Focus on and improve mind and body wellness through a line of wonderfully natural, flavorful and versatile cannabinoid products from Sacred Wellness. We are your nearby CBD store. By car, taxi or bus, we’re around 30 minutes from Pecos and offer an abundance of non-GMO, lab tested topicals, concentrates, soft gels, tinctures, CBD-infused edibles, cartridges, suppositories, ointments and more.

High Quality CBD Products Near You

Sacred Wellness remains a small, independent manufacturer of our organic Pure and Simple line. Our process is hands-on and strictly small-batch creation. Ingredients are carefully chosen, ethically sourced and sustainable. Along with CBD, CBN and CBG, we introduce amazing terpenes and natural herbs such as chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, lemon balm, hawthorn and dandelion root.

Visit our store today or shop online

At Sacred Wellness, we make sure you feel welcome and appreciated. Our friendly staff is happy to share insight into our products, customize recommendations and ensure a rewarding experience. From you to your loved ones and pets, we are sure to provide the perfect fit. Shop starter packs and convenient bundles, find remedies for better sleep and aching muscles, delight over our candy gems and chocolates and discover something new, exciting and ideal for health and happiness.


We offer safe shopping guarantee


30 day money back guarantee


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