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Lamy’s Closet High Quality CBD Store

Whether by bus, taxi or car, the distance from Lamy to Santa Fe is around twenty miles. That’s just a quick trip to arrive at Sacred Wellness, your favorite neighborhood CBD shop. We welcome you with friendly faces, a comfortable atmosphere and shelves that showcase small-batch production. Our hands-on manufacturing and commitment to organic and ethically sourced products is apparent in everything from the flavor and aroma to the potency of our many options.

Learn About The Benefits Of CBD!

Enjoy the shopping experience. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to give a tour of our selection, offer explanations and guide you toward a confident purchase. Let us tell you about the benefits of CBG goat milk soap, full and broad spectrum tinctures, bath bombs, concentrates, lip balms and chews for your four-legged friend. Get excited by our tasty CBD-infused edibles, including chocolates, honey, gumdrops and citrus candy gems.

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There are good reasons why CBD continues to gain attention and popularity. Offering a nonpsychoactive and natural remedy, Sacred Wellness offers the best of holistic benefits. We champion total mind and body wellness, a productive lifestyle and balance. Visit us. Consult with us. From clothing and unique stones to our featured CBD products and bundles, our brand upholds the standards our customers have come to expect.


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