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Professionally Extracted CBD Products

From Espanola, head southeast for 25 miles and arrive at Sacred Wellness. Our Santa Fe CBD store is about a half-hour drive following the US-84E and US-285 route. We are excited to welcome you and share our hand-made CBD-infused products. Sourced from sustainable and ethically traded ingredients, our small-batch creations are lab tested, non GMO and organic. Our process and the results always live up to the standards our customers have come to expect.

Your Home For CBD Products

Step inside and enjoy the exploration. From our CBD-infused edibles to our pendants, stones and clothing, there is so much to discover. Our wide array of options are carefully curated to promote better health of mind and body. Striving for balance in a hectic world, we offer holistic remedies for you, your loved ones and your cherished pets. At Sacred Wellness, our shelves display premium products in their most pure and simple form.

Visit our location today in Santa Fe or shop in our online store

We invite our friends and neighbors from Espanola to share their goals, ask questions and benefit from our insight and naturally curative opportunities. Our isolate contains pure CBD, has no detectable amounts of THC and requires no heat prior to use. Our hemp cartridges are made with broad-spectrum CBD and a proprietary blend of terpenes for a clean, smooth taste. With an incredible choice of bath bombs, salves, soft-gel capsules, concentrates, suppositories, chocolate bars, honey, gumdrops and more, there’s the perfect something for every preference at Sacred Wellness.


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