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Cerrillos’s Home For Expertly Crafted CBD

From Cerrillos, follow the NM 14 route approximately 25 miles northeast and you’ll arrive at Sacred Wellness. We’re situated in Santa Fe and definitely a worthwhile and rewarding destination. One step inside our doors is eye-opening, game-changing and an expedition of discovery. We welcome you to browse an exceptional array of CBD-infused products, clothing, jewelry, stones and products customized to achieve a harmonious balance between body and mind.

Your Local CBD Shop

As an independent CBD manufacturer, Sacred Wellness is a small shop built around the creation of the best opportunities to improve health, wellness and quality of life. Our process is painstaking. From selecting organic and sustainable ethically traded ingredients to hand-crafting small batches of products, we never waver from our extracting standards. We live up to the excellence of brand our customers rely on and recommend.

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At Sacred Wellness, we’re excited to share. Our shelves are a showcase of cannabis-infused edibles including chocolate buds, candy gems, gumdrops, honey and toffee. We recommend our hemp cartridges, CBD isolates and incredible selection of tinctures. Don’t overlook our curative salves, lotions, suppositories and bath bombs. Ask questions, browse and explore. You’ll find the ideal option for you, your loved ones and even your furry pets.


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